August, 2010

UFO Spin in the UK, part 2

A few days ago, I posted a short article titled "UFO-Spin in the UK" in which I questioned British journalism professor Dr. David Clarke's opinion on the significance of recent UFO document releases by his government. Clarke believes that this voluntary action is indicative of a policy of complete candor regarding UFOs on the part of the Ministry of Defence (MoD). I begged to differ, noting that at least one highly-sensitive case—involving a UFO hovering near a nuclear weapons storage facility at the American-run RAF Bentwaters airbase, in December 1980—has yet to be acknowledged by the British government.

UFO Spin in the UK

The British Government is declassifying UFO documents. But do they tell the whole story?

Last week, amid much media fanfare, the British government declassified another batch of UFO-related documents—the sixth such release in recent years—in response to ongoing public interest in the phenomenon. UK journalism professor Dr. David Clarke is a consultant to that country's National Archives and has more or less set himself up as an expert on what this, and the previous document-releases, tell us about the British government's knowledge of UFOs.