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The UFO Debate: Oberg vs. Kean

Originally published at UFO Chronicles

What You Should Know about James Oberg's Track Record

UFO "skeptic" James Oberg is currently challenging the validity of the material found in journalist Leslie Kean's excellent new book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record. Oberg is a founding member of a rather interesting organization, the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) now renamed the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI).

Actually, CSI is a skeptical organization in name only when it comes to the subject of UFOs. For the real story, including the very interesting and generally-unpublicized past government affiliations of some of its key members, including James Oberg, read my article Reporter Duped by UFO Debunkers.

My own research on UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites—as confirmed by declassified U.S. government documents and ex-military eyewitness testimony—will be presented at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on September 27, 2010. At that press conference, seven ex-USAF personnel will divulge their knowledge of UFO incursions at ICBM sites and nuclear weapons depots during the Cold War era.

So, what does this have to do with Oberg and his group CSI? Well, the organization's magazine, Skeptical Inquirer, has been edited since the early 1980s by Kendrick Frazier, whose profession is listed as "Science Writer" in the publisher's statement. Not mentioned (even in Frazier's own online bio) is the fact that he worked for 20+ years as a Public Relations Specialist at Sandia Labs, a leading U.S. government nuclear weapons laboratory.

Consequently, here is the situation: Hundreds of declassified documents clearly establish a link between UFOs and nukes, a fact confirmed by over 120 ex-military personnel interviewed by myself. And who is responsible for the content of the leading debunking magazine—whose pages routinely feature articles discrediting UFOs and those who report them? Why, a PR guy who worked for two decades for the U.S. government's nuclear weapons program!

Hmmmmm …

Also not mentioned in Skeptical Inquirer magazine, but discussed in my article (referenced above) is the fact that James Oberg, a leading UFO debunker at CSI, was a USAF Security Officer for nukes-related information who once privately chastised another former USAF officer, Dr. Bob Jacobs, for publishing what turned out to be Top Secret information about the nukes-related Big Sur UFO case. Fortunately, Dr. Jacobs later published the key portions of Oberg's letter. All of the documented details relating to this are available at my website.

So, when someone claims that Oberg is a true UFO "skeptic" or that his baby, CSI/CSICOP, is an objective, scientifically-oriented group that has no ax to grind when it challenges those who release sensitive UFO-related information—including the highly-credible individuals presented in Kean's new book—please send them to my website to learn the facts.

BTW, Leslie Kean's book, "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record" contains the testimony of retired USAF Col. Charles Halt, who states that a UFO reportedly directed beams of light down into the nuclear weapons depot at the RAF Bentwaters airbase in England, in December 1980. The book is currently #30 on the New York Times Non-Fiction Bestseller List. Let's hope that it reaches #1 given that it should be read by everyone, skeptic and proponent alike.

Over the past four decades, I have interviewed more than 160 U.S. Air Force veterans regarding their involvement in UFO incidents at nuclear weapons sites. An overview of the key cases is presented in my documentary film; a more comprehensive summary of the UFO-Nukes Connection may be found in my book. Declassified documents relating to some of these incidents are also available.

CNN live-streamed my September 27, 2010 press conference in Washington D.C. During that event, seven retired Air Force officers divulged that UFOs have monitored and even shut down our nuclear missiles for decades.

An article containing the veterans' affidavits as well as a small cross-section of nukes-related documents: The UFOs-Nukes Connection Press Conference

The full-length video of the event: